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Software Engineer
6 Months

What is ProBo?

Helping yourself by helping others

ProBo is a platform that allows you to help yourself by helping others; in a world where information is so available but people always seem to struggle to find the things they need. ProBo aims to give people a platform to thrive and get the answers they really need in business.

How did it start?

Much the same as many of my other projects, ProBo started with a conversation between myself and the founder, Rupert. He approached me via social media with an idea that he wanted to build; we sat down over coffee one day and started to plan out his vision and start to build what the ProBo platform is today. The goal was to create a platform the was more available to business minded people that acted like social media; allowing people to have a portal where they could scroll in free time, but instead of mindless social content they could try and help others instead.

Planning and Design

Working closely with  Rupert, I created initial plans and designs for the platform; based on the notes form our previous coffee. The design and revision rounds took a couple of weeks to find the perfect option, but once done we were both extremely happy with the outcome; and we're excited to see the current platform today to closely resemble the initial designs. Typically; in the planning and design phase I get little input from the founders of a project; however, it was a such a pleasure working with Rupert as he was so inclusive and had so much input on his vision and what he wanted to see, which was extremely valuable to me and the project.

Platform Architecture

The core platform would be developed using React, this would give it the flexibility it needed to grow and scale whilst providing a clean and professional feel.

We'd then stick to the MERN stack for the platform, which worked really well. Ontop of that, we'd also need a WordPress website as a landing page, and some extra services built into the platform: instant messaging, email service etc.

Overall, the platform is a feature packed project with a lot for users to discover and experience.

Tech and Functionality

Time for some of the tech;

As mentioned, the platform uses React for the entire frontend.

WordPress for the landing page.

NodeJS for the backend.

MongoDB for data.

In addition to this, an instant messaging system was developed from the ground up using express and web sockets.

There's a lot of cool tech in this project and it was fun to work with some cutting edge and exciting implementations.

ProBo Now and Beyond

I've held a lot of information on this write up; giving you the oppurtunity to go and experience ProBo yourself. The platform is growing steadily and it's great to see the progression its had to this point, If you'd like to check it out you can get started here: