March 18, 2023

1 year of Riddle.Today

It's been almost an entire year since I launched so I wanted to take some time and reflect on it.

The idea came to mind after seeing the success of Wordle, and on a random evening sharing a Riddle with a couple friends; sparking the idea to put both together.

The website has since been featured in the local news: and I've heard a lot of friends, family and friends of friends have added Riddle.Today into their morning routines; which gives me a great amount of happiness.

Here's some metrics from Riddle.Today so far:

  • 7,800 unique users in total (users that have completed a riddle)
  • 58,000 visits on the site
  • 2:05 average riddle completion time

All of which has been entirely organic without any paid advertising. The main bulk of users coming from the previous mentioned article and Facebook groups.

Due to the content not being "rich" enough, Google won't allow ads, and I kind of like the website feeling authentic as a result, without ulterior motive, it's simply there to give you Riddles.

I've learned a lot in the short time the website has been live, and feel a great deal of pride for what's been achieved.

If I had to share 2 lessons learned from this experience it would be as follows:

Automate sooner rather than later, I spent quite a few days manually adding riddles taking up a lot of time and sometimes resulting in downtime if i missed the 6PM window.
Just because it won't "earn any money" doesn't mean you won't earn something, the happiness, thus motivation i've achieved from seeing the numbers every day is something invaluable to a developer, and i'd highly recommend chasing that feeling, even if you won't make any money from it.

Thanks to everyone that continues to use Riddle.Today, I really appreciate it and I hope it's brought you as much happiness as it has to me.