March 18, 2023
5 minutes

Creating a React App: A Hilarious Journey Through the World of Virtual DOMs

In a world where virtual DOMs rule and laughter is the best medicine, we bring you the most entertaining guide to setting up a basic React application with Create React App!


Oh, dear reader, you've arrived at the perfect place to embark on an exciting and funny journey through the land of React! Buckle up, grab your favorite cup of coffee (or tea, we don't judge), and prepare for an unforgettable adventure where code snippets and humor are our trusty sidekicks.

Step 1: The Magic Words – Installing Node.js

Before we can work our magical React spells, we need the enchanted Node.js to be part of our developer arsenal.

Head on over to the Node.js website ( and install the LTS (Long Term Support) version. This will grant you access to the wondrous world of npm (Node Package Manager).

Step 2: Summoning the Create React App

With the power of Node.js and npm now at your fingertips, it's time to summon the mighty Create React App. Open your trusty terminal or command prompt, and chant the following incantation:

npm install -g create-react-app

As the virtual smoke clears, you'll be bestowed with the power to create new React applications with ease. Are you ready to wield this newfound gift?

Step 3: Conjure Your First React App

In the spirit of classic fantasy tales, let's name our first React application "dragon-slayer."

Type the following spell into your terminal and watch the magic unfold:

npx create-react-app dragon-slayer

You'll see scrolls of text fly by as Create React App weaves its magic, generating a folder called "dragon-slayer" filled with all the essential ingredients for your React app.

Step 4: Explore Your Lair (The App Structure)

Prepare thyself for a hilarious journey into the enchanted kingdom of the "dragon-slayer" React app. Behold, the mystical artifacts that reside within:

  • node_modules: The great library of dependencies, where countless scrolls of code dwell. Tread carefully; these ancient texts hold the secrets to your app's magical abilities.
  • favicon.ico: A tiny emblem that guards your app's presence in the realm of browser tabs. Replace it with your own coat of arms, and let your virtual colors fly!
  • index.html: The sacred parchment where your React adventure unfolds. Within its walls lies the portal to the virtual realm, a humble <div> with the ID "root."
  • manifest.json: A cryptic map, guiding you on your quest to conquer the Progressive Web App kingdom. It holds vital information about your app, such as its name, colors, and icons.
  • App.css: The sartorial scrolls that define the appearance of your majestic App component. Clothe your app in the finest styles and let it shine like the noblest of React royalty!
  • App.js: The beating heart of your React realm, home to your primary component. It's here that your app's adventure truly begins, as you weave spells of JSX and JavaScript.
  • App.test.js: The testing grounds where your App component is put to the trial by fire. Craft your tests wisely to ensure your app remains resilient against the forces of chaos!
  • index.css: A collection of global styles, governing the aesthetics of your React kingdom. Use these spells to ensure harmony and beauty across your land.
  • index.js: The grand entrance to your React kingdom, where ReactDOM renders your app onto the sacred parchment of index.html. Here, your app springs to life!
  • logo.svg: A vector image of your app's crest, a symbol of your React prowess. Use it with pride, or replace it with your own sigil.
  • .gitignore: A spellbook of secrets, containing the names of artifacts that must never fall into the hands of the Git repository. Guard these names well, lest chaos ensues.
  • package.json: The sacred manifest that lists your app's dependencies, scripts, and other vital information. Treat this scroll with care, for it shapes your app's destiny.
  • A welcoming scroll that guides fellow adventurers through your React kingdom. Pen your wisdom here and share your knowledge with brave souls who follow in your footsteps.

Now, go forth, O fearless code warrior, and conquer the React kingdom with wit, and flawless components!

Step 5: Ignite the React Fire

It's time to breathe life into your creation! Use the following incantation in your terminal while inside the "dragon-slayer" folder:

npm start

As if by magic, a new window will open in your web browser, and you'll be greeted by the swirling React logo.

You, brave adventurer, have successfully created your first React application!


With the basics of setting up a React application under your belt, you are now ready to conquer the realm of React development! Remember, laughter and humor can be your allies in even the darkest of coding dungeons.

Now, go forth and create, O valiant dragon-slaying developer!

May your React journey be filled with joy, humor, and flawless components.

Happy coding!

(yes, this entire article was written with AI. Pretty cool huh)